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Dr. T, PHD

Game Description

Dr. T's lab assistant stole important blueprints from the lab and has opened up several portals leading to strange and scary worlds! You're tasked with helping Dr. T close the portals and retrieve the blueprints from his traitorous assistant, surviving wave after wave of enemy attacks!

  • Unlock and build unique, customizable towers suited to your play style!
  • Jump, slash, dash, and block enemy attacks using Dr. T's awesome fighting skills!
  • Team up with up to 3 of your clones controlled by your friends locally or online!
  • Upgrade your skills and abilities to become the most brilliant Dr. of all!

More Info

Dr. T, PhD is currently in very early development and is being designed with local and online cooperative multi-player in mind. We first came up with the game premise as a school project, later deciding to remake the full game as we had originally envisioned it. The original version of the game can be downloaded with the link below. Please keep in mind that, while the core premise of the game remains the same, the new version will look and feel much different, and have many added features.

Download the prototype here!